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ps3 or 360

2009-09-25 00:34:50 by bankaibrawler

which one should i get ps3 or 360 im getting one of them tomorrow

adobe cs4

2009-09-12 10:15:09 by bankaibrawler

does anyone know how i can get adobe cs4 or cs3 for free?

free flash software

2009-07-28 12:20:11 by bankaibrawler

hey does anybody know any free flash making software i could download thats at least a little decnt i downloaded the adobe cs3 trial but thats about to expire and umm i dont have 600 bucks at the moment

naruto and sasuke

2009-07-27 20:28:17 by bankaibrawler

if naruto and sasuke fused how would they sound? me and sasukeofallsharingan are making a sprite
and need to know a voice fora fused naruto and sasuke and does anybody know how to make a sprite character bigger

new sprite animation

2009-07-23 15:57:41 by bankaibrawler

me and sasukeofallsharingan are making a sprite shes doing most of the work so give her all the credit im just writing a short script anybody have any ideas for a naruto sprite ill take ant ideas


2009-07-21 22:22:28 by bankaibrawler

can anybody help me make a flash video