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ps3 or 360

2009-09-25 00:34:50 by bankaibrawler

which one should i get ps3 or 360 im getting one of them tomorrow


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2009-09-25 02:25:40

It depends...if you plan on playing online then xbox360 would be the choice.

then again ps3 has free online but with a low population.

it's up to you man.


2009-09-25 03:44:08

Both breakdown... at least for me.

the easy answer would be to look at the exclusive games for each consol, and figure it out that way!


2009-09-25 05:44:21

I agree with Dylawrence. It really depends on what games attract you the most. You pick the types of genres you like and do a search of how many games in that genre belong to each console. Then you get some references concerning the quality of those games and narrow it from there. I only had a PSX for a short while and I thought the games back then were alright, but not good enough to keep me going back for more. I enjoy Xbox games more though, and I find that some of the companies that stick with Xbox produce amazing games. Go with who you think is the best, because the interests of the NG community might not coincide with what is best for you.

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